Microbiology of the build environment might be a cutting edge scientific field, but this doesn’t mean it applies only on contemporary buildings. Archaeogene is the name of our solution that provides archeologists a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge on archeological findings and how to preserve them.

The problem
Up to now genetics in Archaeology have been used mostly in order to correlate the DNA identity of ancient species and humans with modern ones. But in ancient times microbiology of the environment might have been totally different, so how can we preserve the archeological finding in the present day? Also, what more insights can we gain from the analysis of ancient findings surfaces?

Our Solution
Archaeogene offers the archaeologists a unique tool that gives them valuable insights into the era their research is focused. By analyzing the soil of the excavation, tissues, surfaces, etc, they can:

  • Identify possible pandemics that altered the world (i.e. black death)
  • Identify microbiome that contributes to the degeneration of archeological findings (i.e. mummies) and proposes possible solutions
  • Identify microbiology data that gives more insights for climate and geological changes
  • Understand possible cultural habits

Clients’ Benefits
Museums, Cultural Organizations, and archaeologists can benefit from our technology in the following ways:

  • Expand their existing knowledge on the researched civilization
  • Preserve more effectively their archaeological findings

Production & Delivery
The production procedure is the following:

  1. Our scientific team discuss with the client their needs
  2. We assess the excavation/finding/artifact, we analyze the best-preserved spots where the samples must be collected from.
  3. The portable sequencing devices are being installed on the indicated spot and are connected to our platform via secure internet protocols
  4. The sequencing devices start transmitting their data to our platform for analysis
  5. Our software platform instantly analyzes and sequencing the data
  6. The platform provides the analysis results to our clients

Service Delivery
Sample Collection In Archaeogene sample collection is complex, thus samples are being hand-picked by our specialists in collaboration with the archaeologists

Service Delivery
Results Analysis The delivery of the analysis results can be one of the following:

  1. A simple report on the findings
  2. A comparison report, comparing findings with universal scientific databases for a more in-depth analysis of the findings



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