Biodegradation is a long process and microorganism communities responsible for this process are complex, mostly composed mainly of fungi and bacteria. Some of these communities, depending on the substrate and micro climatic conditions, may be associated with cyanobacteria, algae and Archaea. Determination of the diversity of microorganisms that inhabit various artworks is of major importance for restoration and conservation.

Our solution
Using next generation sequencing to distinguish microorganism communities that populate the world heritage objects. We investigate and monitoring these communities and their effects on world heritage objects.

Clients’ Benefits

  • Identify microorganisms on art objects
  • Use of certain bacterial species as probiotics
  • Restoration and conservation for art paintings or world heritage objects

Production & Delivery
The production and delivery procedure is the following:

  1. Sampling
  2. Ready-to-use kits provide all necessary reagents
  3. Advanced bionformatics analysis
  4. Provide the results through our platform
  5. Domain Database development



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