Ingredients Authentication

The arrival of genomics is unquestionably altering our view of the human body and introduces us to the next generation of disease prevention. For food science as an integrative field of science, genomics will create an even wider range of opportunities.

Ingredients Authentication

The problems
How many times do people say to themselves “I have to lose weight?” but the diets they follow have no impact on their weight? How many people around the world are suffering from diet-related illnesses due to inappropriate food choices and lifestyles? How many couples in the process of childbirth reduce their possibility of pregnancy because of a lack of a tailor-made diet depending on their needs? How many athletes’ diets are not personalized on their actual needs and end up with unnecessary supplements?

Our solution
Our nutrition product offers a completely personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations that are based on clients’ DNA test results and according to their goals (i.e. weight loss, fertility, health, etc). The aim of this tailor-made diet is to support the behavioral changes that are needed for the successful use of a DNA-based diet. The specific genetic variants that DNA Sequence uses can really help to improve results beyond the personalized recommendations, by using predictive knowledge of their personal health to diets that prevent disease and maximize health potential based on advanced AI algorithms and other behavioral data.

Clients’ Benefits

All of us are familiar with the benefits of a healthy diet, but a personalized diet’s benefits are:

  • Health Improvement
  • Disease prevention
  • Fertility improvement
  • Longevity improvement
  • Energy & wellness boost
  • Mental health improvement

Production & Delivery
The production procedure is the following:

  1. Clients sign up on our website and request a DNA test kit
  2. The DNA test kit with a unique customer code for anonymity is being dispatched to the selected address via courier and once completed is returned to our labs
  3. The sample is being analyzed on our sequencing devices
  4. Depending on the clients’ needs and DNA analysis a personalized diet is produced by professionals Nutritionists.
  5. Predictions and alerts by our advanced AI algorithms.
  6. Results are instantly uploaded online on our website



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