Ingredients Safety

The World Health Organization has estimated that almost 1 in 10 people (600 million total globally) fall ill every year from eating contaminated food. It’s a Global Challenge. Wholesome food and its free movement is an essential aspect of a nation’s internal market, contributing significantly to the health and well-being of citizens and to their social and economic interests. State policies to prevent and detect food fraud make an important contribution to the pursuit of this responsibility.

The problem
Today’s food industry is truly global, involving producers and manufacturers from around the world. Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency about food composition and authenticity. However, ensuring traceability along the entire supply chain, from primary production to the end-consumer product, is challenging. The number of intermediaries and geographical locations involved in manufacturing processes creates a network that requires the most advanced traceability systems.

Our solution
DNA Sequence’s food safety tests are based upon comparing a pattern of measured values in the test sample with patterns from a database of authentic samples. Interpretation is highly dependent on the robustness of the database, and whether it includes all possible authentic variables and sample types.

Clients’ Benefits

  • Ready-to-use kits provide all necessary reagents
  • Sample to results in under 24 hours for quick decisions
  • Analyze multiple foods or ingredient samples together
  • Training for day-to-day testing
  • Providing the results online through our platform
  • The customer can use these results to ensure their product safety and quality
  • Safety and transparency through block chain technology

Production & Delivery
The production procedure is the following:

  1. Clients sign up on our website and request a DNA test kit
  2. The DNA test kit with a unique customer code for anonymity is being dispatched to the selected address via courier and once completed is returned to our labs
  3. The sample is being analyzed on our sequencing devices
  4. Results are instantly uploaded online on our website, where clients can access them anytime
  5. A QR code is being provided to the client for use on their product packaging to ensure their quality and safety
  6. Buyers of their product can easily scan the QR code with their mobile and read the analysis results from our online platform



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