Microbiology of the built environment: Microbiomes of the built environment is a field of inquiry focusing on the study of the communities of microorganisms found in human constructed environments (i.e., the built environment). This approach has applications in hospitals, archaeological excavations, homes etc. Continuous monitoring helps us to discover changes in microbial communities. Using advanced data pipelines we are able to identify risk factors and set priorities for giving guidelines or regulations for preventing public health issues.

Water Testing: Water safety is crucial for the health of the world’s populations, with waterborne disease ranking as one of the most prominent causes of death worldwide. From outbreak surveillance  and containment to more routine E. coli and Coliform, covid 19 testing in domestic water supplies, rapid identification of pathogens from metagenomic samples could ensure maintenance of water safety globally.

Bio Safety

Biodefense/Outbreak Surveillance: Monitoring the spread of infectious disease enables effective quarantine and containment in a human or veterinary setting, preventing zoonosis, endemics and controlling antimicrobial resistance development. Sequencing of metagenomics (mixed/complex) samples could provide an agnostic method of outbreak surveillance, removing the need for specific tests for defined and well-characterised pathogens. This in turn gives insight into regulatory effectiveness and identifies areas of future preventability.

Advanced bioinformatics analysis platform
The main goal of the data platform is to integrate bio data, computing and storage infrastructure, and software services required for working with data to create innovative analysis services. The colocation of data with cloud computing infrastructure and commonly used software services, tools, and applications for managing, integrating, analyzing, and sharing data that are exposed through APIs to create an interoperable resource. Our plan is to provide the one stop service for metagenomics analysis. Big  data management platforms bridges the entire process from sampling and analysis to knowledge extraction. Then we can transform this knowledge to actions in order to  support our customers products and services.



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