DNASequence SRL Hellas completed successfully the project awarded by INTRAKAT ΑΕΤΕ

DNASequence SRL Hellas completed successfully the project awarded by INTRAKAT ΑΕΤΕ regarding the study and report generation of the microbiotic load of the Ellinikon construction site.
DNASequence SRL Hellas, is a company active in the biotechnology sector and the development of pioneering and innovative solutions based on the metagenomic technologies.
The project materialization started with the successful sample gathering of 60 samples from various areas of the construction site, reaching sample depths of 4 meters (Jun 30th, 2020 and July 1st, 2020)
Sampling gathering included the accumulation of soil from specific spots for the purpose of metagenomic analysis of the microbiotic environment and possible microbiotic pollution. The analysis procedure of the 60 samples was based on the metagenomic technology 16S rRNA, that is an important tool for the attribution of the microbiotic environment in the soil. The approach through 16S rRNA  technology, offers increased sensitivity compared to the current technological alternatives.
The main advantage of the project is that the full recording of the microbiotic environments was completed before any intervention, through Next Generation Sequencing technology. This approach offers the advantage of creating a biological index for the pollution possibility, caused by human intervention, through monitoring. Additionally, it offers the possibility of monitoring the effectiveness of any interventions scheduled in the future. For this specific project, DNA Sequence collaborated with the Chemical Engineering school of NTUA, achieving the combination of the chemical analysis of the samples along with the microbiotic environments, a process that was included in the deliverables.
Antonios Salakidis, General Manager of DNASequence, extended his gratitude to INTRAKAT for the trust that it showed in awarding DNASequence  with such an innovative project. This is the first private sector project that metagenomic technologies have been implemented by a construction company of Greece. He also expressed his gratitude for NTUA and Prof. Antonia Moropoulou for the immaculate collaboration throughout the project cycle.