Certification for Ingredients Safety and Authentication

DNA Sequence SRL is a biotechnology company that provides full scale and personalized solutions utilizing cutting edge technologies. DNA Sequence SRL embeds the DNA technology in crucial business processes with applications among others for agriculture, livestock and in the whole spectrum of the food industry.

DNA Sequence SRL uses next generation sequencing and microarrays, achieving the genetic identification of ingredients in organic samples like food and soil samples.

The utilization of genomics technology allows the creation of a unique DNA ID for the agricultural and dairy products, cosmetics, and all the processed derivatives, protecting from fraud and hoaxing in multiple points of the supply chain.

The solutions provided by DNA Sequence SRL allow for a holistic approach and timely identification of all the pathogenic microbes, responsible for toxins and cancer – inducing substances.

Among the advantages offered by the agro-genome technology is the creation of a unique DNA Identification for the prime materials and products. This way we can verify the various traditional variations and connect them directly to geographical areas.

Within the framework of securing the service quality of our company and certifying the processes of “Authenticity and Biosecurity” that we follow, DNA Sequence SRL has assigned to the International Organization of Monitoring and Certification Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung, the Monitoring and Certification of the “Biosecurity and Authenticity control process of the products.

According to this, Swiss Approval will be issuing the Comliance Certification and/or the «Ingredients Authentication Approval» and «Ingredients Biosafety Approval» certifications, regarding the monitoring of the products, following the samples control that will take place by the highly qualified personnel of DNA Sequence SRL, and the laboratory results provided to the Swiss Approval Certification Authority.