DNA Sequence is delighted to announce its collaboration with Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung

«DNA Sequence», is a biotech company aiming to utilize innovative Metagenomics techniques in studying the Built Environment (MBE).

These techniques affect important financial activities like agriculture, archaeology, food industry, services sector, biosafety and others.

DNA Sequence’s mission is the embedding of DNA technology in crucial business activities.

«DNA Sequence» is delighted to announce its collaboration with the international investigation and certification organization Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung, on the subject of Surveillance and Certification of the «Biosafety control procedure» which «DNA Sequence» applies to the services sector, especially for the infrastructure of Tourism, Hospitality and Dining.

Swiss Approval will be issuing Compliance Certifications and/or Infrastructure Biosafety Certificates for places of hygienic interest and high level of danger, after the investigation carried out by the specialized personnel of «DNA Sequence», according to the “Third party Investigation” procedures of Swiss Approval.

The positive implications of the sampling and control in Hospitality and Dining infrastructure, within the framework of adopting biosafety policies, is of utmost importance for the solidification of our Country as a safe haven in the international market of Hospitality and Dining services.

«DNA Sequence» innovation regarding the sampling methodology, control and analysis within the framework of Infrastructure Biosafety, is an International novelty, potentially positioning the Greek Tourism Market on the top of the International Tourism Industry pyramid.