DNA Sequence SRL in the new print edition of Days of Art in Greece

Days of Art in Greece is the one magazine presenting the true benefits of the country and keeps rewarding every effort that promotes original creation within the society. In its latest edition, DNA Sequence SRL has its own place, in order to showcase its technical know-how and solutions for the sector of Art and Archaeology.

DNA Sequence SRL is a biotech company aiming to embed the DNA technology in business practices. The company provides integrated and personalized solutions using cutting edge technology. New technologies offer, among others, the ability to record the biodiversity in the area of art and archaeology, offering genetic information in the global heritage.

In the article that is signed by the co-founder and company CEO Mr. Antonios Salakidis, it is described in prose, the application of biotechnology in our lives and the DNA sequencing methodology, which allows the spotting of dangerous agents and the definition of the diversity of microorganisms that inhabit the works of art, something that has significant impact in their restoration and maintenance.

The technology that DNA Sequence SRL utilizes is Metagenomics of Built Environments (ΜΒΑ). This technology allows the definition of the total microbes of a sample and forms a total solution of identifying the pathogenic microbiotic elements of an environment, without the need of special testing for expected or well characterized pathogens. The sampling method is non evasive and can be applied to gas, liquid and solid surfaces. DNA Sequence SRL offers solutions of automated sampling procedures with on premises devices.