First Global Application of Archaeogene Technology in Cooperation with National Technical University of Athens

With a sense of responsibility and honor, DNA Sequence SRL announces the application of Archaeogene technology to contribute in the continuing research of the NTUA Interdisciplinary Team, under the leadership of Prof. A. Moropoulou, concerning the findings on the Holy Aedicule of the Tomb of Christ at the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem. The company uses cutting-edge technology to provide valuable information on estimating through metagenomics different historic periods deepening the scientific community’s knowledge on the findings and how they were preserved. The results of this innovative application, which is used for the first time, will be jointly announced in the near future and presented within the 2nd International TMM_CH Conference “Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage”