Microbiome monitoring services for hospitals

We offer custom-tailored microbiome analysis and monitoring solutions meaning that we approach each project independently. The custom tailored approach significantly improve our understanding of the microbiome in health and disease.

We use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to identify and record the microbial communities. Based on the results we monitor departments with portable devices in the field and in the laboratory to access the files for subsequent bioinformatics analysis. We use the Oxford Nanopore’s 1D Rapid method, which gives us the important advantage of fast and easy sample preparation. This methodological approach recognizes specific biological species, strains and pathogens with the required precision based on biomarkers. This approach is selected because of the lower cost and price/performance ratio for the rapid metagenomics analysis process.

Applying advanced computational meta-genomics methods will record the level of the microbial community of the sample, its complexity, and the rapid real-time pathogen identification of antibiotic resistance profiling.

The results will be recorded in a database that includes raw data, the results of bioinformatics analysis (sequences, biomarkers, and species) and in addition, a series of metadata on sampling dates, spatial data as described. The result will be a detailed report, rich in data, documenting the results of the hospital microbiome.


Application examples are:

Intensive care units are special departments in hospitals that provide intensive medical care for patients suffering from severe and life-threatening diseases or injuries.
Operating rooms are important hospital wards where most surgical procedures are performed. These areas are subjected to strict cleaning procedures such as sterilization, disinfection, and removal of contaminants (e.g., dust and organic waste).
Cleanrooms are facilities used for ensuring quality and safety of many production processes.
Ambulances which are tasked with transporting at-risk individuals in immunocompromised states.
Hospital Wastewaters contain higher loads of micro-pollutants and antimicrobial resistance markers.

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